Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nature Connections: June 2011

I'm a couple of days late to the party, but I am finally here with my Nature Connections post! Sorry Sherry! Sherry is our Nature Connections host. :-)

We have been spending a lot of time outside, mostly in our yard. I love our yard . . . truly. It's the perfect balance. There are places to sit, garden, play and explore. One day, I hope to have a place for quiet meditation and contemplation. One day . . .

At seven years of age, my squeamish Princess has held a "bug" for the first time. While working on a new herb garden, I discovered a centipede in the dirt. I called Princess over to show her and suggested that she pick it up. She did! She even let it crawl on her arm! Perhaps this is a step toward being more comfortable around little critters.

If you page through the blog for the last several posts, you will find more of our outdoor adventures. I am looking forward to a lot of outside time during our amazing Pacific Northwest summer!


  1. Princess was a little nervous. Then it tickled and she was fine. :)