Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Winter (Kinda) Formal

Princess is growing up! Sometimes I look at her and can hardly believe it. Seriously, how did my baby turn into this lovely young lady?

The learners council at our homeschool resource center, Village Home, recently coordinated a dance. The Winter (Kinda) Formal. The kids were given the option to dress in any way they like, from formal to casual. This was Princess' first dance ever and she was SO excited!!! The Lizard King and I were excited as well!

Princess chose to go formal. I love that she got to wear her flower girl dress from my sister's wedding. Doesn't she look beautiful?!
Thank you to Cheryl for letting me use these pics from the dance. The kids all had a blast!
Princess danced all night long! She is already looking forward to the next dance!

I am so grateful to our homeschool community for opportunities like this!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Junk Drawer?

I shared my Kitchen Organization post on Facebook and my brother-in-law commented, asking to see the junk drawer. Well, since learning about (and embracing) the KonMari method, I no longer have a junk drawer.

The closest thing I've got is this drawer. I didn't use dividers here. It didn't feel necessary.
And one more smaller drawer.
They definitely aren't junk drawers, just drawers with miscellaneous stuff. So, what do you think, Uncle D?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Snow 2015

Princess loves snow, but we rarely get any. She was ecstatic when she woke up this snowy morning!

The snow worked well for throwing at the Lizard King, but sadly wouldn't work well to build a snowman.
Still, it was a fun day for Princess! And you get a glimpse of our back yard (and construction zone).