Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 16

It's Thursday again! That means that it's time for a Project 2011 update. Thanks to our sponsor, Cate at Moments of Whimsey.

I haven't talked about my goals for a couple of weeks. Here they are in a nutshell.

  1. Learn to sew
  2. Learn to use my camera
  3. Do the Slow Burn workout weekly.
I finished Princess' nightgown, and I did learn a bit. I know that I have a lot more to learn and I'm working on it. I really need to get some fabric (and some time), because I have lots of ideas.

I started my photography class last Wednesday. I learned a lot about ISO, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. I also learned that my camera is an "advanced point and shoot" which limits the things I can do. I don't like that.

Last night was my second class. And I left feeling stupid. As the instructor stood in front of the class explaining something, I had a glazed look on my face. He was talking about forcing the camera "higher than +2" and "lower than -2" by holding the photo taking button (does that have a name?) down half way and adjusting the setting. I tried. I saw no change. 

I also felt rather lame with my homework assignment. We were supposed to choose a subject and take a photo of the same subject, using the different white balance settings. I went into the yard and took photos of random things - a weed, river rock, a broom. I wasn't even thinking of finding something "pretty" or artistic to photograph. I was just looking for the change in white balance. Guess what?! Everyone else had these beautiful photos and I've got the broom and the weed and the rocks.

As for working out, I injured my knee last Thursday, so no workout last week. I can walk now, so I'll go to the gym this weekend but I can't do any leg work. 

I'm in a pretty crappy place right now. And I don't like it. I need an attitude adjustment - stat.


  1. Hang in there sometimes we all get in a funk and need an attitude adjustment. Its good when we recognize it within ourselves. And hey its called Abstract art. Photography doesnt always have to be beautiful and sometimes rocks are very cool to look at. ;)

  2. Big Hugs. I've had a similar week. Discouraged, unsure, frustrated.

    I love your pic though. To me it represents a meeting of earth, plant and stone...not to mention that to the left the shadow looks like a face that's watching over it.

    Hope your knee gets better asap and that you can get back to your workouts.

  3. Thank you, Crystal. And I love rocks, they're one of my favorite things! Rocks and abstract art. ;-) I actually had a pretty good day today. Being with my Village Home peeps helped . . . a lot.

    I needed the hugs, Sheri. Thank you so much for sharing your impression of my picture. I didn't even see the things you saw because I was too busy being, well, everything, when I should have been observing. It is a pretty cool photo. Hugs back at'cha!

    Now I'm trying to decide whether I want to continue with my class or stop. LK thinks I should try one more and see how it goes.

  4. Hang in there girl. I've been stuck on the same photography assignment for the past 4 months as my brain just doesn't want to work!

    I feel your pain :-)

  5. Thanks, Cate. I've only got until next Wednesday for my assignments and the one I really don't understand. *sigh* Oh well . . . not like I have anything to lose. I'll skip the one that I don't understand. Oh well!! C'est la vie! (Did I spell that right?)

  6. Ah, but it is a BEAUTIFUL weed! ;)

  7. Aw, thanks, Denise! I've got more if you want any. ;P

  8. Great photo! I stink at photo taking. Stink. Too bad you can't adjust an attitude like a camera... actually, maybe you should look at it like that... it is that simple considering it's all a state of mind. :o)

  9. Thank you, Sheila! I think my photography is improving and I'm pretty pleased now. And yes, it is that simple to adjust your attitude. I ended up having a really good day and the funk has left. Yippee!!

  10. Good for you and sewing. I just think I would make a mess.
    I'm so proud of you for taking a class! I'm sure you will learn alot. The picture is great!
    Hope your knee gets better.

  11. Yeah, Bernie . . . don't know how long the class is going to last. I'm enjoying learning about photography, but don't know how much the class is helping me. After how I felt last week, it hurts more than helps. We'll see what I decide to do.