Friday, January 25, 2013

Word of the Year

My word for the year is ORGANIZE. It turns out that my bloggy friend, Sheri, has also adopted that word and made it even cooler. Check it out!
Sheri and I have decided to make this a project for the year and to post updates each month about what we have done that month, including before and after photos. I posted this pic to the right, but have no clue how to make it into an HTML button. If anyone can help, please let me know. :) I'd like to have a button so that Sheri can grab the button, and we would love it if others would join us!

It doesn't have to be a big organization project. Start by cleaning out your junk drawer. You can keep it small if you'd like or do something bigger if you're up for it. Just be sure to take before and after pics.

Since we're doing this monthly, I was thinking the first Monday of the month, beginning February 4th. What do you think? Are you in?

Update: OMG! I so cannot figure out how to make the code thing that Sheri sent work. How about this? Whoever would like a button for their blog, send me an email at shady lady @ maintcc . com and I will send you the picture. Then you can save it to your blog and link it back to this post. How does that sound?


  1. I love it...and the button is awesome. Still working on trying to make is shareable.

    Great idea to make it even small projects like cleaning out a junk drawer or even cleaning out a cupboard. It all feels really good.

    I like the idea of posting the first Monday of every month.


    1. Yay!! I'm so glad you're on board, Sheri. And I wonder who else might decide to join us . . . Since I haven't been taking before and after shots and February is coming soon, I think my first post might be a small project. ;) Unless I can find an old photo of Princess' playroom.

      I agree with you, the small projects feel really good. It all counts!