Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Time

Eleven years ago my friend came back into town after an extended business trip. One thing we had in common was our love of hockey. Of course, being from Pittsburgh, he was a Penguins fan and, being from Philly, I was a Flyers fan. It was his birthday and I invited him over to give him a silly little gift that I had made for him.

I tried to find a hockey puck with a Penguins' logo on it, but couldn't find one anywhere . . . so, I had to get creative.

He loved the gift. Eleven years later, we still have that hockey puck.

You are still my best friend, my love, my hero. I love you more than I can begin to express.

Happy Birthday, Lizard King.


  1. ahh that is so sweet! I <3 the hockey puck. It musta been what won him over. ;)

  2. Could be, Crystal! I'll have to ask him. ;)

  3. Ah that's a cute story! But now I'm reminded about that commercial where the husband breaks the wife's favorite decoration... a penquin. did you ever see that one? I think it's for Steak and Shake. lol.

  4. No, Sheila, I haven't seen that one. We don't have Steak and Shake around here, so...