Monday, March 4, 2013

Organize Update #2

It's time for our second ORGANIZE update. Thanks again to Sheri at My Leftover Life for the creative edge she added to the word of the year. 
Oh my gosh! I'm so happy. Organization makes me happy. I was planning to do a small project, maybe a drawer. But the complete lack of organization in my pantries was making me crazy. I have two pantries, one small and one walk-in -- both unorganized and cluttered. 

 First, I emptied the small pantry. I actually hadn't planned on doing the walk-in, so I didn't empty it.
 There's all the stuff spread out on the island.
 There I am, working hard.
 These are my Dollar Tree (mostly) and Tuesday Morning finds. I actually ended up only using the Dollar Tree items. The Tuesday Morning stuff will have to wait for another day. I spent $27 at Dollar Tree and used 25 of the 27 items.
 Here is the after!

I am so pleased!!!

So, what did you organize? Link up with Mister Linky or share in comments. No organizational project is too small!