Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 26

Thanks to Cate, our lovely Project 2011 host. If you'd like to join us, there are still 26 weeks left!

You can check out the Royal Goals by clicking the tab in the tab bar above.

Things are about the same around here. Princess is riding. She's been a little hesitant lately. There was an incident where the pony put his head down and Princess fell forward and ended up hugging his neck. She didn't fall, but it freaked her out. We are working on getting past that. For the last few lessons she has only wanted to walk and won't trot. Hopefully by next lesson we will have worked this out.

LK is still waiting on pistons. *sigh*

I'm rocking my weekly workout and feeling strong and great. Not that my workout has anything to do with it (exercise does not facilitate weight loss -- yes, really) but I've now lost 31 make that 32 pounds.

I'm still taking lots of photos and reading/learning more all the time about how to use my camera and take better photos.

We have been spending a lot of time outside, either in our yard, at the park (weekly homeschool park day), or at the beach.

On the sewing front, I printed the free pattern, modified it a bit to fit the fabric that I had, and cut out the pieces. I've got to get to the fabric store for a couple essentials, then I will sew the dress. I did realize that the fabric is kind of thin. I don't want to attempt adding a lining, so Princess can wear shorts under the dress. If I get to the fabric store soon, maybe I'll have this done for next week!

Now head on over to Cate's to see how everyone is doing with their goals!

P.S. Nature Connection should be posted today, but I will be posting that in a couple of days. I hope that's okay, Sherry!


  1. Oooooooooo that's a very pretty pattern! And good luck to Princess to getting back in the saddle! Mind over matter. It's hard sometimes.

  2. Isn't it beautiful, Sheila?! I love repurposing things, but this is my first dress repurpose!