Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Sixth Night 2010

On her blog, Land of Princess, you will notice that fashion is one of the things Princess will blog about. Her idea of fashion is likely not what you expect. She does not "follow" fashion. She really doesn't even know what that is. Princess loves to design her own fashions and has done lots of free hand drawings as well as using some fashion design video games, games and toys.

This gift includes real fabrics and accessories.

 Princess got right to work on her newest creations. She is quite proud of her work. Aren't her creations lovely?!

I love fostering her passions. Who knows what will come next!!


  1. What a really cool gift! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful week! Going to really show my shocking ignorance here - how long does Hanukka go for?

  2. It is a wonderful week, especially knowing LK isn't leaving at the end of Hanukka. :)

    Hanukka lasts for 8 days, so we're nearing the end!

  3. I'm thinkin she's gonna save BIG $$ on a prom dress. Or a wedding dress!

    (one day in the far, far, far future of course)

  4. Excellent point Sheila!! We even have a homeschool prom. I'm not even going to talk about the wedding. In fact I'm gong to pretend you didn't even say that. ;)

  5. Holy cow I'm tired. I just used the word "even" three times in that last response. That's just wrong.