Monday, December 6, 2010

The Fifth Night 2010

 Last night Disney Fairies threw up all over invaded were the gift of the night in our house. Princess got two books: Wendy's Fairy Journal and a "My Adventure with Disney Fairies". The adventure book tells the story of Princess' travels with the fairies. It is so freakin' cool!! She also got a Tinker Bell and friends puzzle and some more fairy dolls for her collection.

All that, along with a variety of Tinker Bell items from Freckles and family, made for a fairy exciting time! Yes, I did actually say that. ;p

Three more nights to go!!!


  1. I have to admit I'm new to Jewish tradition but I'm really moved by the lighting of the candles.

    It seems to me to be a real sign of hope. Thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Sheri, lighting candles is one of my favorite parts of Hanukka. It is especially nice since Hanukka falls during the darkest time of the year (or close to it anyway). Yes, it does seem to be a real sign of hope. =)