Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Seventh Night 2010

This gift isn't quite what I wanted it to be. American Girl look-a-like dolls are available on their website. Unfortunately, none of them look completely like Princess. I called customer service, but what you see is what you get (on the website) and there were no fair skin, dark blonds with long hair and brown eyes. There were a few that came close...the hair style/color, eye color and/or skin tone was wrong. Darn it!

I settled on one with the long hair and brown eyes. Of course, I had to order the glasses accessory! Princess was thrilled and stated that it looks just like her...

...especially with the matching outfit.


  1. They look so sweet together!
    I have included a link to your blog in the latest (Teves) Jewish Homeschool Carnival. Check it out, and spread the news!

    J (Jennifer)

  2. Neato. We have Canadian Dolls, pretty much the same concept. Love the matching outfits. Hope you had a wonderful Hanukka! (sp? - I don't think I've ever spelled it the same twice.)

  3. Too cute. I can see the similarity!

    There is a lovely lady that sometimes comments on my blog, and I think these are the dolls that she creates outfits and accessories for. Here's the link:

  4. Actually, they do look similar!!!!!!!! The doll is just alittle more tanned. Probably from her journey to your house. :o)

  5. Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing my blog in your blog carnival! I'm so excite!! It also made you show up in my Google unschooling blog search notifier. =)

    How cool to have Canadian dolls, too!! I didn't know about those! There are so many ways to spell Hanukka!! And the coolest part is that they're all right! ;p

    Thanks or posting that link, Cate. She's got some cool stuff!! I hope to sew some myself at some point..once I learn to sew. In the meantime, what a great resource!

    LOL, Sheila!! She did come from California, so that does make total sense!!

  6. Love the doll! Shaina got one too when she was about the same age, and it was a huge hit. AG books are amazing too!

  7. We have one of the Kit books, but we haven't read it yet. At the moment Princess is all about the fairies when it comes to books! We have seen a few of the American Girl movies and I'm sure we will get to the books one day!!