Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Eighth Night 2010

With a full menorah we celebrated the 8th night of Hanukka. For her final present, Princess received an iPod Touch. She was ecstatic and so surprised!! Now she doesn't have to borrow my iPhone anymore. She has her very own device. How cool is that?!?!

As the candles burn down, we prepare to say farewell to another Hanukka. This Hanukka we all truly enjoyed being together as a family, knowing that at the end the Lizard King would be staying with us. We are so grateful that we get to be together each and every day.

Now if I can just figure out how to get the wax off the menorah...

Wishing everyone a warm, joyous and festive holiday season!


  1. Pour boiling water over it, then rub it with a very hot rag.

    Love the look of amazed surprise! What an awesome gift!

  2. Great idea, Rosalyn! I will give it a try. We love this menorah so much...Princess made it herself so it is very special. I would love to be able to bring it back to it's original clean look. Thank you!!!

    Princess has been asking for an iPod Touch for quite some time. She really was so very you could tell. ;)

  3. She looks so excited! What an awesome way to end Hanukkah! Rosalyn's tip sounds great, otherwise you could put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes and the wax should pop right off with a little rubbing.

  4. Oh yes, so excited!! Freezer is a great idea, too, Aliceson! The hot water worked well until I bumped the snowman in the middle and broke it. I'm so upset!! Hoping to fix it AND have Princess make another one that is more user friendly/less breakable.

  5. LOVE her look of surprise. Just gorgeous - and so wonderful that you are staying together as a family this year.

  6. Ooooh, I'm jealous. :D What a great gift.

    Bummer about the menorah...I hope you manage to fix it. I still have a Christmas candle holder that Son made me 15 years ago, it is treasured dearly.

    So happy for you that you don't have to worry about LK leaving. Must feel so good. :D

  7. Cate, isn't that the best look?! Our family time is truly wonderful...

    Sheri, I like that I get my phone back so it's kind of a gift for me. ;) Of course the best gift is having LK home for good.

    I'm really sad about the menorah, but am hopeful that we can fix it and just use it for decoration. Next year we can have a fun time at the art studio making another menorah that is more sturdy. Fingers crossed on all counts.

  8. Yes, use the freezer idea. AND UM...WOW! on the Ipod! My kids will not be allowed to read this post, lol.

  9. Sheila, I'll try the freezer idea next year. The hot water worked until I bumped the snowman and broke it. :( And the iPod...I think it's easier to get that kind of stuff when there is only one kid in the house.