Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hanukka starts tonight! Princess is super excited. We celebrate Hanukka and the Winter season. When the Lizard King and I got together he told me it didn't matter what we celebrate, but he wanted a tree. We came up with the Winter tree and chose to decorate with lots of Winter and snowy decorations. With Hanukka so early this year, we are barely getting the tree up in time for the festivities. 

Snowman Collection
Bins of Winter & Hanukka Decor
My Dreidel Collection
Yes, the Snowman collection is bigger than the dreidel collection.
The New Winter Tree

That's as far as we got last night. It seems the lights need new lights. We'll be finishing tonight, the first night of Hanukka, just under the wire (or would that be at the wire?).

The Lizard King went off to bed once the tree was up and the snowflake topper was in place. Princess had other ideas...

She placed her play plates in the tree as nests...

...and placed a bird in each nest.

Meet Tulip
Meet Pasquale
Meet Feather
Meet Daisy
This imaginative play went on for a good hour and is taking place again this morning. Who knew a Winter tree could be so much fun?!


  1. Happy Hanukka!

    Love your girl's decorating flair :-)

  2. Thanks, Cate! She does have quite an eye for style. ;)

  3. very befitting for a winter tree! Lovely! And, btw, that tree box should totally read....LIZARD king. Rather than what it says.

  4. Happy Hanukkah!

    Our Christmas tree goes together exactly the way your Winter tree does. Cool!

    And I love Princess' idea of birds and nests in the tree...I mean, it makes a lot of sense. :D

  5. LOL Sheila!! I hadn't even noticed that!

    Thanks, Sheri! We just bought that tree this year. We had a small one that we got at Target 10 years ago for $10. It was time for a new one.