Thursday, December 2, 2010

Land of Princess

Princess has decided to start her very own blog called........

Land of Princess

Her blog covers a wide variety of topics: fashion, beauty, play, health, nature, fun and animals. She chose her layout, design and a few gadgets that she thought were fun. She is working hard on her first post. I am excited to see how this develops.

This was, of course, all her own idea. Learning does happen all the time and there is so much learning in creating and writing posts for a blog. Fortunately, the state of Oregon doesn't require that we record how much time is spent in each subject, but if they did... Well gosh, this would certainly cover a lot!

language arts
and more!

Learning never stops!

Please head over to her blog. She has one post up already and would love your comments! My dad left a comment yesterday and when she saw it her face lit up!!

(As a reminder to those of you who know us, please remember to keep our names private.)


  1. Thanks Aliceson! You rock!!

    And so do my other bloggy friends who have commented. Princess is over the moon!!!!!