Monday, November 22, 2010

Want to play a game of dreidel? It's easy!

The Lizard King isn't Jewish, but Princess and I have decided that he is by marriage. I am Jewish. Always have been. Princess is Jewish. We just do things a little differently.  While neither LK nor I are believers, we have both embraced the beauty and traditions of Judaism. 

Hanukkah is very early this year! The first night is December 1st. Good thing I got my shopping done early!! I just need to get out the menorahs, wrap, decorate (the day after Thanksgiving) and we're ready to go! Princess pulled out her dreidel and has been playing with everyone. Want to learn how? Come on!

First find a willing opponent...or two...or three. 

This is a betting game, so you'll need poker chips or (traditionally) those chocolate coins, also called Hanukkah gelt. We used beads from Princess' play room.

 And of course, a dreidel!

Decide who goes first. In our house, it's always the youngest. Ante up! (Put one in the pot.)

Give it a spin!

Shin = put one in
Nun = you get none
Hay = take half
Gimmel = get 'em all!

We play until someone has all the beads. Oh, did I mention that math happens. Yeah. It happens in this game, too. Lots of counting and dividing in half. If you end up with an odd amount to divide, we set the odd one aside. Give it a go! It's lots of fun!


  1. Awesome! And Judaism is such a beautiful religion! (I'm not Jewish though, lol) Never played the game, but looks like a ton of fun! And yes, MATH!

  2. We love the traditions of Judaism, but leave out the religious part. ;p I never realized how much fun the game of dreidel was until Princess came along. I'm still learning, too!

  3. I've always wondered how to play. Thanks for sharing that. :D

  4. No problem, Sheri! Now get yourself a dreidel!!! =)

  5. Very cool - never heard of this game before!

  6. It is a fun one, Cate! Especially with an enthusiastic 7 year old. ;)