Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

All reports say that this winter, being La Nina, will be a stormy one here in the Pacific Northwest. It snowed last night...just a little bit. But it is only November and in this part of the country this is often the most snow we'll see. Could this be the beginning? Princess sure hopes for more. She was so excited last night, she ran outside to play in it...with no coat and it was flippin' cold! Crazy kid!!!


  1. Throughout high school, I developed the custom of wearing SHORTS on the day of the first snow. However cold, however many stares I got. Enjoy it - preferably vicariously!

  2. Jennifer, that is too funny! And you just gave me a little flashback! I have a photo...somewhere...of me in short shorts, an open winter coat and vey high heeled sandals, standing in about two feet of snow. I guess the apple doesn't fall so very far from the tree. ;p

  3. Hehehe, that's more snow than we have! We have had a few sprinklings of the white stuff, it just didn't last long.

    I know it's a novelty for you guys, so enjoy it. But for me, I'm more glad when it's melting as opposed to falling.


  4. Sheri, being an east coast girl, I have seen more than my share of snow. Everybody here gets super excited. I do remember being excited as a kid...but it just doesn't do it for me much anymore.

    That said, I LOVE watching the delight in Princess when she sees and plays in the snow. :)