Sunday, November 21, 2010

Can You Kindle?

I've had a Kindle for some time now. It sure makes reading 5 pound Diana Gabaldon books easier! The Lizard King got his after coming home from Afghanistan. He read on it for a while, then he started his new job. Now he doesn't find much time to read. 

LK and I were planning to buy Princess a Kindle at some point, but hey, why wait?! LK decided to give his Kindle to Princess and she was ecstatic!! Now we have a new addition to our night time routine.


  1. Those are so neat. But alas, I'm still waiting for the iPhone promised me for my birthday. Apparently no one had any in stock so I'm having to wait until Hubby tracks one down.

    But maybe a Kindle for Christmas. :D

  2. We ended up ordering our iPhones from Apple online. I think we had them in under 2 weeks. The iPhone 4 rocks and is a hard to find item. Good luck! You're gonna love it!!!

    And the Kindle, too!! Be sure to check out the free books! Free!! How cool is that?!?!