Saturday, November 20, 2010

But It's Harley Orange

The Lizard King has been hard at work on his garage for the last several weekends. He has a vision. He has added electrical wiring, outlets, lighting, shelves with doors, a wall and...wait, I think that's it. Now the texture, prime and paint begin. Painting is one of Princess' favorite things to do...and what daddy doesn't want help?!

I walked out to take a slew of photos see how things were going and found LK painting the cabinet doors orange. Orange?!?! His response? "But it's Harley orange!" Followed by a big dimpled smile and, "Or you can call if Flyers orange if you want." Silly boy...


  1. You sneaky girl - you've been quietly blogging away while we all thought that you had deserted us!

    How wonderful to have you back online :-)

    And so lovely to see your girl enjoying having her daddy back in her life on a day to day basis.

  2. Tee hee, Cate. ;p
    I've been missing the bloggy world and we are starting to settle in here at home, together as a family again. Glad you stopped by!! =)

  3. See! I didn't tell anyone. :P

    And congrats on having such a handyman in your life. Hubby's skills are generally restricted to computers.

    When we need work like that done around the house, we call in the big guns. (Hubby's Dad is an engineer/carpenter - he rocks.)

  4. Thanks for keeping my secret, Sheri! :/

    I love how handy my guy is. Good thing you've got someone in the family who can help! It certainly makes things projects more affordable!