Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scavenger Hunt

You are probably aware that we go to Walt Disney World every year. It has never been a surprise and we  always have a countdown going, anxiously awaiting our next trip. We've considered Disneyland a few times, but always go back to Disney World, because the price isn't that much different, but the parks sure are. Well, the Lizard King earned free hotel nights and free airfare, so our trip is practically free! How could we not go to Disneyland?!

This time, we decided to make it a surprise. We began searching for a fun way to surprise Princess. There are a lot of ideas out there, but Princess loves a good mystery. We decided on a scavenger hunt with a puzzle.
I created the poster board puzzle and LK cut it into pieces. Then I came up with some poetic clues. Princess likes rhyming and I did my best. Here are the clues.

You walked into the room and what did you see?
A piece of a puzzle with the name Akee.
She could be found anywhere, yes that’s what I said, 
But there is one certain room she would lay her head.

A place for a Princess, where flowers grow inside,
Could this be the place where the next piece will hide?
Are you here? Did you find the room?
Look for the flower with the biggest bloom.

You go up, you down down, have you noticed the light?
If you do you might find something colored so bright.
You might need some help to reach this so high,
Perhaps Mommy or Daddy can hold you up toward the sky.

There is a room that’s intended purpose was to dine, 
but we made it a place where imagination can shine.
You are welcome to dress up, you can always dress down,
Open the treasure chest where you can find a gown.

You can wash them and dry them, you can hang them about,
This room is a room that we could not do without.
Open the door and look inside,
This place is a warm spot for the next piece to hide.

Go up, wait, go down to the room with the strainers, 
Then look in the place where we keep the containers.
It could be inside or maybe on top,
Keep looking and looking, you may have to hop.

Go toward the place where Santa Claus comes,
it’s warm and it’s cozy and its fan loudly hums.
Here you will find a small doggy bed,
Search around this spot for something red.

It’s big and it’s white, and was built with great care.
It lives in the same room as hockey with air.
You will find a closet that used to have games,
Towels can be found there, Mommy exclaims.

Now turn to the right one hundred eighty degrees,
Then walk forward eight steps, do it with ease.
Find the stand near your drums, look inside the book,
There you will find the last clue, take a look.

That’s just about it, you are nearly done.
But wait, can you tell me? Are you having fun?
The next piece is a scramble that you have to find,
It’s in the only room downstairs without a blind. 

Then I shot video of Princess doing the scavenger hunt. Sadly, it won't properly upload for me to post here. :(

I'll post pics soon from our weekend in Disneyland!

P.S. Akee is Princess' aunt, my sister.


  1. Yay! Brilliant strategy. Used to do scavenger hunts for my kids for Easter. So much fun. Congrats on the trip.

    1. Thanks, Sheri! I so wish the videos would load. It was a lot of fun watching Princess run all over the house and solving the puzzle!