Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Game in Town

Skylanders Giants is the current number one game in our house. Both Princess and the Lizard King are hooked. While I am not one to play those kinds of video games (I'm more of an Animal Crossing kind of a gal), I totally see the attraction. It is a really cool concept!

Not only does it come with the game, it also comes with "The Portal of Power" and three Skylanders. Each Skylander has a different power and element. They have their own individual attacks. You need different elements to accomplish tasks that can only be done with that element. Additional Skylanders can be purchased separately and new ones are being released. You place your Skylander of choice on the Portal of Power and then play as that character in the game.

LK's first plan was to purchase one of each element to allow access and abilities in all areas of the game world. Now he is adding on to that. The really cool thing is that you are not limited to just playing the video game on your gaming system (and it's available on just about any gaming system), you can use the codes that come with the figures to play online.

Princess has totally gotten into all of it and recently decided that she wanted to create her own YouTube Channel and make Skylanders videos. So far she's made two. Check them out! If you'd "like" or comment on her YouTube page, Princess would be tickled. And if you subscribed to her channel, she would be over the moon. :) Thanks!


  1. I've never heard of Skylander Giants, sounds pretty cool. Princess' explains it nicely. I have a YouTube account but I can't remember what it is or how to access it. D'oh! Maybe I'll create a new one. :P

    1. Princess saw that her views jumped. She is thrilled with that in itself. :) Thanks for watching, Sheri!

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome, Secret Mom! I bet they love it.