Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We have, yet again, restructured Princess' allowance. With that, we have added the skill of maintaining a register. Princess and I talked about it and agreed on the amount she would receive and she chose her pay day.

She uses this money to save for things she wants. Two of those things are monthly memberships to online games (Club Penguin and Animal Jam), although she chose to purchase a 3-month membership to Animal Jam. This saved money, as the 3-month membership is discounted from the price of a monthly membership and had the added bonus of a lion avatar that she wanted.
Princess is excited about our new allowance routine and is enjoying maintaining her register. What a valuable skill to learn at such a young age!


  1. Kudos to you and LK. I think budgeting and record keeping are two very important skills and wish I had started when my kids were much younger. :D

    1. This method seems to be working really well, Sheri! I am really excited about it . . . and so is Princess. :)