Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

A few weeks ago, Princess' swim instructor gave us the go ahead to register her for the next level at the swim school. Last week Princess was the only swimmer in her class. Class size is always small (only 4 swimmers per class) but being the only one gave her the opportunity for some one on one time with the instructor.
Watching her swim previous weeks I had a feeling that she might be ready to move up more than one level. After working one on one with her instructor, I was amazed at the progress she has made. Toward the end of the lesson, I went out to talk to the instructor who told me that Princess is ready to jump TWO levels!

Fortunately, there was one spot left and we grabbed it! Princess is so excited and proud. Watching the Olympics has been a huge inspiration. She can't wait to work her way up through the levels and is excited at reaching a level where she can compete. How exciting!!!


  1. Way to go Princess! It is so fun to see the kids progress.

  2. Yay for Princess! That's awesome, she must be pleased as punch. :D

    1. She is over the moon, Sheri. She tells everyone that she is going up TWO levels. :D