Friday, October 14, 2011

Turning Eight

We did things a little different this year for Princess' birthday. We spent her birthday weekend (last month) at the beach with Freckles and her family. Not only is Freckles my best friend, her son Blue-Eyed-Boy is Princess' best friend. We had a wonderful time and a special birthday celebration.

The following Friday, it was time to party, Pump It Up style. Pump It Up is an "inflatable fun zone" and the kids sure had fun!

One difference between homeschool birthday parties and non-homeschool birthday parties is that (in my experience) parents stay at homeschool birthday parties.

We've got the Paleo chicks. 

The Duchess (Princess' aunt/my sister).

More adults!

Lots of kids who had a fabulous time. Not bad for a bunch of unsocialized homeschoolers. Yeah, that's a never ending joke in our house.
There was cake and our traditional number candle . . . and a very happy Princess who still can't believe she's eight.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful thing in my life. I am truly grateful every single day that you came into my life, Princess. I am a better person for it and motherhood is the most rewarding, life fulfilling experience I could ever hope to have. I love you, sweetheart!


  1. Oh gosh, that last bit brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful words to express such a heartfelt sentiment. Looks like it was a blast. :D

  2. Happy birthday Princess! Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. Ah, that's great! Happy Birthday!!!! Looks like a great time! All our Montessori school parents used to attend parties too... it was great to catch up and keep an eye on the happenings!

    Fun post, gonna go see if I'm caught up with you now... last post I remember was something about paint sniffing, lol!

  4. Happy birthday Princess, what a wonderful place to celebrate!
    Yeah, unsocialised homeschoolers is a running joke here too!

  5. Haaaaaaa!!! I didn't know you posted that hilariously silly, so very serious picture of the paleo chicks. LOL