Monday, October 17, 2011


Pokemon has entered the royal family. Princess watches and loves the TV show, we've gotten movies from the library, she's got two Pokemon DS (handheld game system) games and we've started collecting Pokemon trading cards. The trading cards are my favorite part of this new passion. We've probably got about 250 cards, maybe more. The cool thing about Pokemon cards is that you don't just collect them, you play them. There's a game that's relatively complex that uses the cards. I think it's a lot of fun and Princess and I play several times a week.
She kicked my but in this game, taking every prize card while I got none. I'm looking forward to our next game!


  1. Oh fun! I never did learn to play but both my kids were huge Pokemon fans and between them I think they had all the DS (gameboy etc...) games and so many cards that I'm still finding them when I move furniture or clean out old toy boxes.

    Enjoy! Pikachu! :D

  2. Cool that there is a game to go with the cards.

  3. My guys love to play the Pokemon card game. There is a local unschooling family that has older boys who actually travel the country to compete in the tournaments. They have some of the national competitions online/videos, which are fun to watch. We taught a few neighbor boys how to play too, so the hottest days of summer were spent playing cards in the shade. Fun! :)

  4. Oh my - this pic brings back memories! J had cards, books and Nintendo games back during the first wave of Pokemon years ago.