Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pony Town

Princess owns quite a few "My Little Pony" figures. She has collected them over the years, along with some accessories. The other day, she decided to make a pony town to incorporate in her play. She spent the entire day designing buildings and all the necessary elements for each one. The idea and creation (other than the apples and oranges) were entirely her own.

^ Notice the cash register! ^

^ And the sewing machine! ^

^ This is the computer . . .

. . . for the library. ^
Princess had so much fun creating this little town (that took up half the living room for days ;) and she also had fun playing with her ponies.

I am truly in awe of her creativity. She is one amazing kid!


  1. Sweeeeeeeet! Creative AND fun!

  2. Yup, Denise! It's always about the fun . . .

  3. You do have one totally creative kid! Wonderful post! I have my old collection of Bryer horses in the basement, I used to do similar stuff. Would keep me busy allllllllllll day!

  4. Thanks, Secret Mom!

    Sheila, you have Bryer Horses?!?!?! Lucky!!! Yeah . . . Princess is pretty darn creative, isn't she! =)

  5. She's wonderfully creative! That's so awesome!

  6. It was an amazing thing to watch blossom, JayLeigh! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!! : )

  7. Just wonderful - how many kids have the time to use their imaginations like this?