Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 27

Hopefully our Project 2011 sponsor, Cate, is feeling better this week and will join us for Project 2011. Feel free to join in the fun by setting your own goals. You can learn more about Project 2011 by clicking the button to the left. If you'd like to review the Royal Goals, click the tab up above.

Remember when Princess set the goal of learning to sew? She has recently been inspired to get started. She is making her own creation of bags and she is very excited about it. She has spent a lot of time making her designs just right.

She is thrilled with the results!

A couple of years ago, we stopped using paper napkins and paper towels. Rags and dishtowels replaced the paper towels. I found napkins at Goodwill to replace the paper napkins, but I've never really liked them. I thought a fun sewing project would be to make my own napkins. Our dishes are FiestaWare in a variety of colors. I found these Fabric Quarters in colors that will go really well with our dishes. I plan to follow this tutorial.

I also bought some of the little necessities that I need to make Princess' dress that I told you about last week. I wasn't sure what size bias tape I needed, so I bought both and will return the one that's the wrong size. I needed to order 1/4" clear elastic (found it on Etsy) because the fabric store didn't have it. Hopefully, I'll get to finish the dress by next Thursday?

On the photography front, I decided to buy my own copy of The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1 & Volume 2. These books rock!

I'm still doing my weekly workout and this week I had help from the Lizard King. If I'm going to reach true muscle failure, I need someone to grab the weight when I just can't move it anymore.

Now head on over to Cate's to see goal updates from around the world!

P.S. Princess trotted this week at her riding lesson!! Looks like the fear is behind her. :D


  1. Way to go guys! Sounds like you're all making good progress. Princess should be very proud, those are some nice straight stitches. I really like the design too.

    Hmmm, the napkin project is something I'd like to try - thanks for the inspiration...and for linking to the tutorial. :P

  2. Ooo those are going to be some great napkins. :) I love bright colors on the table. I am looking forward to the reveal of the dress too. And Princess' bags are perfect. :)

  3. Thanks, Sheri! I'll be sure to share your comment with Princess.

    I'm really excited about the napkins. I hope you post yours once you've finished them. I have found the internet quite helpful in finding tutorials and even free patterns! How cool is that?!

  4. Way to go Princess and Shady Lady. Those napkins are going to be really cute.

  5. Bright colors are so much fun, aren't they Crystal?!

    Thanks, Secret Mom! We're both pretty excited about our projects.

    I will pass along all your messages to Princess, too. :)

  6. I love those patterns and Princess's creations are fabulous! You are such an inspiration girl - I'm up and down and all over the place, but you keep working away at your goals faithfully. Am so impressed!

  7. Thanks, Cate! For whatever reason, I'm finding these goals easily attainable. I've been thinking about another goal that I am having a hard time committing to. Maybe for next year's goals? Will there be a Project 2012?