Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 20

Okay, I'm a little late posting. Thursdays are always such busy days for us and if I don't write my post in advance . . . well, I end up late.

Did you notice the tab up above? Over on the right? Yup, that one! I thought it would make it easier to keep track our goals. Of course, there have been some changes to our goals.

Princess is continuing weekly horse riding lessons and loving it!! She is also continuing to read lots of stories with horses and just finished her first long chapter book -- 144 pages!

She is ready for Winter Pony next!

The Lizard King has the motor ready, except for pistons, on the Harley build. Once he gets the pistons he can put the motor together! No, I haven't taken any pictures. I will. Soon.

As for me, between a cold, hurting my knee, getting the flu and hurting my back. I did not do my weekly slow burn workout for over a month. Even after I was healthy, I had a hard time getting back to it. I finally realized that trying to get to the gym was presenting too much of a challenge. So, on Monday I headed upstairs and did a kick butt workout. It rocked. I was sore for 2 days.

After that, I decided to quit the gym and use the money to buy equipment so that I can work out better at home. I think the gym was a nice idea, but working out at home works better for me.

I have done no sewing, but bought some Christmas-y fabric at Goodwill that I will use to make gift bags.

I have been doing a lot of photography reading after finding this series of books. These books are loaded with tons of awesome information! I haven't had a lot of opportunity to play with the things I've learned, but hope to soon.

Head on over to our Project 2011 sponsor, Cate, at Moments of Whimsey to see what's happening with goals around the world.


  1. I would love to read up on photography... maybe in the lazy days of summer I will have the chance. ;)

    wow 144 pages! that is awesome. I have hit a wall with my 7 almost 8 year old. She doesn't even want to try even though I know that she can read because she has done it when walking through the grocery store. you know I send her down the isle to pick up something and she will come back and tell me what the can says word for word. But then she tells me "I can't read, YOU never taught me" lol kids!

  2. Yay for you. Sounds like everyone is keeping at their goals. I know exactly what you mean about losing motivation and having trouble getting it back. I also find I much prefer to work out at home...I much prefer to not work out at all but if I gotta do it, I'd rather do it in private. ;)

  3. Crystal, the book is set up as a pretty easy read. Each point is only a couple of paragraphs. Get yourself a bookmark and read one point a day. There is so much good information in the books! I think you'll really like it. And the guy is funny, too!

    We are doing pretty well at our goals, aren't we, Sheri! I am not a huge workout fan either, but I am feeling motivated again (thank goodness) and can't wait for a better home set up. On Monday I used Princess' round kid table as my weight bench. LOL