Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fairy Houses

Last week, Princess and her friend painted fairy houses. We spent all day out in the sun at Village Home, before heading over to Michael's Crafts to purchase the blank fairy houses. The girls ended up spending a full 12 hours together that day and they had a blast!

Princess placed her fairy house in a special spot to encourage the baby fairies to come and grow up in her house.

And what better way to finish off the day than adventures on the play structure!!


  1. I love it! When we went camping last summer we built fairy houses out of natural materials. We had a contest between all the kids. Of course they all won different prizes because they came up with such creative houses.

  2. WONDERFUL! We bought something similar when our kids were little. instead of holes, they had slots and it was called a butterfly house. Kept them busy for hours and they felt very accomplished. :o)

    Tell Princess great art work! Her friend too.

  3. I would love to build fairy houses like that, Crystal. We have a camping trip planned for August. Hopefully, we'll get the opportunity then!

    Sheila, these are technically bird houses... but don't tell anyone. ; ) You're right. This kept the girls busy for hours, too!

  4. How cool! I haven't seen those down here, but they are really cute little houses. Great artwork girls :-)

  5. They are cute, aren't they, Cate? I definitely see a repeat of this craft in our future.