Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 7

Want to see the Royal Goals, click here.

Weekly workout - check! Still loving the workout and have added Tai Chi to the fun. I wanted something different to do and someone mentioned Tai Chi. It intrigued me, so I checked out a few DVDs from the library.

Played around with taking photos and editing - check! You all get to see what I'm doing in every post. :-)

Here is my new sewing project! Isn't this fabric pretty?! It is sooooo soft, too. It's flannel that is not intended for sleepwear, which makes it perfect for a nightgown. ;-P

I refuse to put Princess in the chemical laden sleepwear available in stores. I know the pattern is for pajamas, but Princess really wants a nightgown. The plan is to lengthen the top to turn it into a nightgown.

I also did a little bonus project for a friend. I had so much fun doing this, I think I might make some more.

Finally, we've got outside time. Uhm . . . uhhh . . . shhhhh! Don't tell anyone that we haven't been outside all month. We've still got time to get out there before we check in for Nature Connections. Right? The goal is to get out at least monthly. We did a whole lot better last month. Maybe we'll get out tomorrow?

Princess hasn't been all too excited about her goals lately. She'll do it when she's ready. Or not. As for the Lizard King, he has been gathering parts needed for the Harley build.

Now head on over to Moments of Whimsey to check out the other Project 2011 players.


  1. Good for you keeping up with your goals. Love the bunny you made. Too cute.

  2. Yay for you! Sounds like you've had a great week!

    And sometimes, especially in winter, outside can be highly overrated. ;)

    That fabric is really pretty. And that bunny is too cute for words. Make me one for my new room?


  3. Thanks Secret Mom! I had so much fun on the bunny, I keep thinking I want to do more of them!! :)

    It has been a great week! I know that we'll get outside soon. After all, Disney is right around the corner. I've wanted to make more bunnies . . . ooh . . . maybe I'll do a giveaway!!

  4. My goodness - you are powering forward! I take my hat off to you girl - your exercising / photo taking & sewing is really going well.

    Don't worry about not getting outside too much at the mo - spring is just around the corner and you'll be out and about then.

  5. Got to love that Bunny rabbit...he is adorable...and with easter coming up???

  6. Isn't that ironic how we have to seek out the fabric labeled as "not intended for sleepwear" for our sleepwear sewing? That bunny is great!!

  7. Cate, it doesn't seem like I'm powering forward. If feels slow . . . at least the sewing part. I've had the pattern and fabric since the weekend and it is still waiting to be cut out. And yes, I cannot wait until Spring!!

    Jessica, you like the little guy, huh! He would be a cool little Easter bunny. We don't "do" Easter, but people who do might like him. :-)

    LOL Amber! Yes, I specifically looked for the "not intended for sleepwear" warning. So happy to hear I'm not the only one! And the bunny . . . yes, I think a giveaway is in the future!

  8. my interest is piqued for the Harley build, can't wait to see updates on that one!

  9. The Harley build is very exciting! It is something that LK has wanted to do his whole life and I am so happy that he is finally getting to do it. It is a slow process, but he is gathering parts, bit by bit. I'll have to take some photos and post next week!