Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Thin Blades and a Pink Helmet

A couple weeks ago, Princess was invited to an ice skating party.

I don't skate.

The Lizard King skates. He skates well. He used to play hockey . . . back in the day. Being the awesome daddy that he is, he left work early to go skating with Princess.

Safety first! A helmet is definitely in order. The bike helmet became an ice skating helmet. I know -- it is quite shocking to learn that Princess' helmet is pink.

Princess had the best time and can't wait to go ice skating again! Now head on over to Feet of the Table to see what all the cool kids are wearing.


  1. Great pictures! You're lucky the rink let her wear the helmet... we used to use bike helmets, but got turned away this year on our first attempt because City of Toronto policy permits ONLY hockey helmets for kids under 6.
    (we ended up going to a private rink that doesn't have that policy and skating for like 30 seconds before the kids started to whine!)

  2. Fun! I haven't been skating in forever. And really have only been a couple of times. Wonder if I'm brave enough to take all my munchkins?
    I love your pictures of LK and Princess. Completely priceless.

  3. Well there ya might not be snow but it's pretty close to what the cool kids are doing in these parts. Except me, I don't skate either. :P

    Of course it's pink! :D

  4. What a fantastic experience! I found your blog through another unschooling blogger and love it. I think its great that you have some links about unschooling. I have been homeschooling for 13 years, and unschooling for the last 7 of those 13 years. It is so very rewarding!

  5. Loving the pink! What a great day out for Princess.

  6. So glad Princess had a good time! My Binny was very nervous at first but after doing it a few times, she loves it.

  7. What an awesome daddy! And what awesome parents with the helmut! you don't see that much anymore these days.

  8. Jennifer, I don't think we have any public skating rinks. Actually, none of the other kids had helmets. Princess didn't notice or care that she was the only one. She was just happy to be skating.

    Maybe take the one at a time RasJane? It might be a little much all at once! Glad you like the photos!! :D

    Sheri, we had snow today...for about 5 minutes. :-/ It didn't really count. I'm looking for quantity. And while the skating was fun for Princess, it doesn't qualify at close to snow.

    Crystal, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!! I'm thrilled that you like it!! =) Unschooling rocks!!

    Yes Cate, it was a great day!!

    Aliceson, Princess clung to LK for most of the time, but towards the end she got more comfortable. They will definitely be doing that again!

    I have to agree with you Sheila! He is an awesome daddy! Princess really has no problem with wearing the helmet. We've got to keep that noggin safe!! :-)