Friday, February 18, 2011

Cookies and Faces

Last year we learned that Princess has Celiac. This means that Princess cannot tolerate gluten, which is found in wheat, oats, barley and other foods. I have something called Hashimoto's, an autoimmune thyroid disorder. People with Hashimoto's often have Celiac as well. Rather than paying for the expensive test, I live my life as someone with Celiac.

It was a huge change for us. Not only do the foods change, we had to replace many kitchen utensils and appliances. Our entire house is gluten free. We had to start thinking about everything we did.

Play dough has gluten. What little kid doesn't like play dough?! We had to get rid of the play dough. Princess was not happy. Then I found that Discount School Supply carries gluten free play dough. How cool is that?!

We had a fun time the other day with our GF play dough.

Princess made play dough cookies . . .

I made play dough faces . . .

So glad we have gluten free play dough!! What fun!


  1. I bet she'd LOVE sculpey / fimo. They're plastic-based, so no gluten that I know of, and oven baked so they bake into "real" permanent objects - sculptures, beads, game playing pieces, whatever!

  2. Sounds like fun, Jennifer! We will have to check that out. Thanks!

  3. That is wonderful! Looks like Princess had a good time!

  4. Thanks BF Mama! She really did have a good time!! :-)

  5. I am glad to see there is so many things coming out for children (and adults) with allergies.I would never have thought about the gluten in playdoh.We were lucky with glueten, but Tigerlily was very lactose intolerant as a baby and it took 6 months to figure that out.She grew out of it by about 18mths.

  6. Oh that looks like fun! I'm very tactile and love creating with my hands. I find it comforting.

    Looks like you're having fun too. ;)

  7. I would never have thought of play-do having gluten!
    My mother was also diagnosed with celiac about 2 years ago, and she & dad now have "his and hers" utensils etc.

    We are still trying to get our head around the daughter and me trying to be gluten free here.

  8. Food allergies are tough, Jessica. Trying to think of all the places they can be hidden are even tougher. Glad Tigerlily's lactose intolerance is over.

    Maybe one day you can come play with us, Sheri. What can you make with play dough?

    Oh yes, Cate. It's all gluten. When it gets under your nails or you just don't wash up well enough, it can transfer to your food. We've got to watch everything.

    Rather than having his and hers, we took the whole house gluten free. It just makes things easier. If you need any help with the GF change, feel free to ask!! I'm happy to help. :-)

  9. Awesome shots! So many people have celiac, it's amazing. My daughter is soy intolerent. She was tested first and right off for celiac but it came back negative. Have you read Elizabeth Hasselbacks book? I think she wrote a cookbook for celieacs. (I think!)

  10. There are a lot of people with Celiac and soy issues as well, Sheila. It's crazy, isn't it?! Truthfully, soy is an extremely unhealthy food, even though it has been touted as a health food. We avoid it at all costs.

    I haven't read that book, but I haven't had a problem changing the way I cook. Especially since switching to a Paleo lifestyle myself, cooking gluten free is a breeze. Baking is a little more challenging, but I found Still, we don't really bake much because Princess doesn't eat sweets and I'd rather have them only on occasion.