Monday, February 21, 2011

Rock Poachers

Do you remember the rock wall behind our house? It is one of my favorite features of our backyard. I was surprised to learn that all the rock came from our ground, that they blasted to ready the area for building. The lot above ours has been a dumping ground, by the builders, for extra rock from around the neighborhood. 

Yesterday, the Lizard King went rock hunting to find some good rocks for yard projects we have in mind. Truthfully, at the moment we don't have any definite plans for the yard. (I wish I knew a landscape designer . . . our yard has so much potential.) We want to make sure that we have the rock for when we are ready.

I think that Spring is in the air. Our thoughts have moved from inside changes to outside. We are in the beginning planning stages of our veggie garden. We've got a big sunny area for dedicated garden space. The plan is to start with three big raised beds (we'll have a total of seven). LK has a whole big plan in his head, but I've got no clue what it is. I guess we'll all be surprised! Happy Monday!

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