Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 3

I didn't accomplish much with my goals this past week. We started back to classes at Village Home, so Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday are super busy. The weekend was rainy and Monday is my day at home to get housework and laundry done. Of course the weather on Monday was incredible . . . high 50s! Sunny! And I was inside all day. Grrr . . .

I have requested a few hand sewing books from the library and they have begun to arrive. Perhaps Princess and I will have time to sit down together and work on a sewing project this weekend.

For my birthday, my best friends gave me a one year membership to! Now I can use all the Premium coolness!! So totally awesome!!! Thanks Freckles and HerbiFaerie!!

Finally, thanks to the birthday present from my parents (an Amazon gift card) I was able to purchase dumbbells and ankle weights for the Slow Burn workout. Princess expressed interest in the workout, too! We have chosen Mondays as our designated workout day. I'm looking forward to it!

So really, I didn't actually DO anything with my goals this week, but I took lots of steps to help accomplish them! I call that progress.


  1. I call it progress too! Go you.

    Let me know what the hand sewing books are like. I'm self taught so there's a lot of things that I probably should know that I don' the names of stitches and stuff. ;)

    Love the pic of the tree...gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Sheri! The books are designed for kids, but I figured, what better place to start!! My friend just told me about Fabric Depot ( and we have one locally. Can't wait to check it out!!

  3. You're so's a perfect place to start.

    We have FabricLand here and it's my favourite, I love going to, spend too much money at, buy stuff I don't really need but want, store.

    You're going to have so much fun!!!! :D

  4. I call that progress, too! And happy birthday, by the way!

  5. Yep I'm chiming in to say that it sounds like great progress! These first few weeks are more about organising and planning to some extent, so well done for getting going on so many areas.

    Loving the pic too :-)

  6. You know what? You are the most organized Radical Unschooler I've ever met. On a beautiful day there is no way I'm staying inside to clean, no matter what my schedule says. ;-)

  7. Well it's official, Cate. If you put your stamp of approval on it, then it's all good! ;-)

    I'm pretty pleased with that photo, as well. I think I may want to have that one printed to frame.

    Freckles, I am aren't I?! I think the fact that I'm generally an indoor girl makes it pretty easy to...well...stay in. :)

  8. Some weeks are just so busy its hard to even think...though i am sure doing something TOWARDS your goals might count too.Baby steps right?

  9. Yes, baby steps. After all, I've got 49 more weeks to accomplish my goals!

  10. Steps count!
    and I love amazon cards, you can get just about anything from amazon.

  11. I love Amazon, Sheila!! I really hate shopping. Really, really. If I can get it on Amazon (and 9 times out of 10 it's a better price) I do. We pay for an Amazon Prime membership and it is SO worth it. I love that you can maintain a wish list and even add items from other sites. Yup. Amazon rocks.

  12. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got some fun gifts.

    I agree you are making steps to accomplish your goals. You would have bought books from Amazon but chose weights, way to go!!

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes and for stopping by my blog, omb!!

    The weights will be put to good use very soon...