Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lucky Shirt

The Steelers are in the playoffs. The game last Sunday was a nail biter. The first half didn't go well for the Steelers . . . that is, until Princess put on her new (to her) Steelers shirt. Thanks to D from Village Home who handed down this shirt. 

Princess put the shirt on just before the second half and the Steelers came back to win! Next week they host the Jets. Winning that game takes them to the Superbowl!!! Again!

Now head on over to our host, Aliceson, at Feet Off the Table to see what all the cool kids are wearing.


  1. Go Steelers!

    Around here the Packer fans are going nuts! This weekend is some big game for them too. I don't follow football but with all of the excitement around here, this weekend's game must be a big deal.

    PS, I love your new font! I need to give my blog a makeover very soon.

  2. Aliceson, yes, the packer game is a big deal. If they win, they go to the Superbowl and LK thinks they have a good chance. Still, you never know. If they win and the Steelers win this weekend they'll be playing each other in the Superbowl. So exciting!!

    I needed a change and wasn't even aware of the cool fonts until Kelly started her new (but short lived) Blogger blog. I love changing things up!

  3. If I didn't like you so much I'd say BOOOO STEELERS SUCK. But I wouldn't do that. ;O)

    Actually we had a lot of trouble picking someone to root for last weekend (remember, we're in Browns Town, lol). But we'd rather see Pittsburgh win over Baltimore - considering they stole our team and all.


  4. So I have no clue whatsoever about the game but what a gorgeous daddy / daughter bonding time :-)

    Oh, and yes they found that I was severely deficient in vitamin D and I have to take meds to correct it.

  5. Sheila, I knew you'd have something to say. ;P I remember you all are Browns fans. Thanks for picking the Steelers. (I still can't believe I'm a Steelers girl. How did that happen? I'm from Philly and the Eagles were always my team.)

    Cate, it is fun watching the two of them together. :)

    Vitamin D deficiency is SO common. We take Bio-D Mulsion Forte which is a highly absorbable version of vitamin D. My numbers have been great since I started on it.

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  7. Sorry about the last "removed by author" -- overtired boy hitting buttons. What I meant to say:

    You look great in the shirt, Princess! :) Glad it worked! Go Steelers!!

    - D :)

  8. As Canadians, it's more about the hockey here but Hubby will still use a football game as an excuse to sit back and put his feet up. :D

    Go Steelers!

  9. PDXMom24, she does wear it well, doesn't she?

    Sheri, you know I loooove hockey. LK loves it too and has played. For him, however, hockey starts after the Superbowl. ;P I enjoy football, but I'm looking forward to watching hockey games together.