Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bathroom Supplies

Check out my new bathroom tool...
no, it's not gross.

Eye liner is kind of a challenge to get off the mirror and we all know that math happens everywhere...even in the bathroom. Princess has found uses other than math for this new tool.

It's a little blurry, but says "I LOVE YOU (followed by a bunch of hearts)" and "LOVE METER". She thought of this, and spelled it, all on her own.


  1. Oh now that is awesome! I have snippets of paper with inspirational sayings on my mirror...but I'm gonna take those down and leave a marker in there, that is the BEST idea!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh good! I love when other people can use our ideas. :) And inspire me, too! I always think in terms of Princess, but hmmmmm . . . I bet I can use this for me as well! Thanks, Sheila!!

  3. How clever! What a fun way to leave messages for each other. I'm diggin' the love meter too. Awesome.

  4. Thank Colleen!

    It is a fun way to leave messages, Sheri! Leave it to Princess to expand my view of things.

    The love meter has reset and is filling. When it's full I am told I will receive two prizes. I think I've figured out the prizes from the clues. I'm betting I get a hug and a kiss. The best prizes ever!!!

  5. That is super cute... and very awesome!! I have a ton of dry erase markers... guess what I'm going to be doing with them. :)

  6. It is, isn't it Freckles. :) I can think of no better place than the bathroom for dry erase markers!! So glad that we've started a trend!

  7. Cool! Thanks so much Jennifer! :-)