Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Writing on the Wall

Well, the mirror actually...can you see it? Yes, it happened again. We were in the bathroom getting ready for the day and Princess starting asking questions. I thought a visual might help to illustrate the answer, but we were in the bathroom.

Have no fear! I have eye liner!

Point illustrated and understood. Math happened again.


  1. You rock Mama! I just love your anywhere anytime attitude...I also envy it. It never would have occurred to me to just work it out right there...I would have gone through the whole rigamarole of finding a place to sit down and getting out a pen and paper. No wonder my kids think I'm boring. Hehehe. Ten bucks says Princess remembers this stuff better than mine do as well.

  2. Why thank you, Sheri!! It's taken some time, but I have become somewhat of a fly by the seat of my pants, get creative, kind of an unschooling mom. :) I hope that she keeps the memories. She'll remember the stuff when she needs to or at minimum, know where to find the answer.

  3. Hi! Just came across your blog and loved this post. Like another commenter, I would have never thought of this either...and by the time I found a pen and paper, the boys would have either forgotten or just lost interest, lol.

    I am going to remember this! :)

    Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog!

    Transitioning two boys, ages 11 and 6, from “school-at-home” homeschooling to unschooling... and enjoying the results (and the sanity it has seemed to restore) so far!

  4. Hi Katie! Thanks for commenting. Welcome, it's nice to "have you here"!! Unschooling is an amazing way of life for us. I find that Princess learns so much more following her interests, wants and needs in the moment.

    I looked at the link you included in your comment. It looks interesting, but is much more structured than we like to be. ;-) If you check out some posts and hang around for a while, you'll see what our life is like.

  5. Looks like a Math Haunting!

  6. Thanks Shady Lady!

    I am still learning to let go of what little structure we have. I know that sounds funny to some...but I am gradually letting go and getting more and more comfortable with it.

    I am now following your blog and look forward to learning more! :)

  7. LOL, Spydermanpat!

    Kat, thanks so much for commenting and following! It's great to have you here! I understand that letting go of what you are used to can be challenging. It takes a lot of faith and trust. I'm glad you're "hanging around" my blog. I hope it is helpful to you!