Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Faux Pas

Princess had a great Saturday night, hanging with Blue-Eyed Boy (Freckles' son). They played for a long while before settling down to a relaxing game of Super Mario Bros. on the Wii.

Great choice of  ottoman, don't you think?

The Lizard King went back and forth playing the Wii...

...and perfecting his gluten free pizza crust.

The only mistake I made was telling Blue-Eyed Boy what time Princess goes to bed. Oops! Sorry Freckles!


  1. What a beautiful crust - I'd neve rhave guessed that it was GF!!!! :-o

  2. It is beautiful, isn't it Jennifer! It was very tasty, too. More like a Sicilian style, and it didn't taste gluten free.

  3. Ooh, want to trade GF pizza crust recipes? I made one last night that was pretty good!

  4. I'll check ith LK and see if he is willing to share, Rosalyn ;)

  5. Very impressive pizza! My mum is GF and it is a right headache for her trying to get the food thing sorted at times.

  6. It can be a challenge, Cate. We now have quite a few restaurants where we can eat safely. Disney is a great place to vacation for us because they totally cater to people with food issues. I'm guessing your mom may not be interested in Disney, though. ;p LK is getting quite good at baking and I find cooking fairly easy. Of course, that's here in the states and Oregon specifically.

    LK is willing to share his recipe. I'll post it to the blog soon.

  7. Nice going with the bedtime. LOL.
    That pizza crust looks DELISH! Posting a recipe soon? I'd love to get off the gluten.

  8. Okay...I messed up on the bedtime, or should I say lack of bedtime. ;p
    And yes, Sheila, I will post the recipe to the blog soon. I am also happy to help you navigate the GF world if you need it.