Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Princess is quite the social butterfly. I know, shocking since we are so anti-social, being unschoolers and all. ;) At least once a week she needs and asks for a day to stay home in pajamas and do nothing but hang out.

Sunday works out well for us, as it's football day. Go Steelers!! Yes, my Philly friends, the Lizard King has converted me. I'm still an Eagles fan, but the Steelers are at the top of my list. You see, it was part of the pre-nuptual agreement.

Football: Steelers 
Hockey: Flyers  

At least that was the deal, but I think he went behind my back and enticed Princess with the Penguins, Pittsburgh's hockey team. 

Happy Lazy Sunday!


  1. B is exactly the same! During her 4 years of homeschooling, there was often a PJ day every fortnight or so. She was so busy being unsocial with her friends, training, music, band, travel, work etc that she longed to have a day off every now and then and would sit in bed and do her work there in comfort.

    Ah, the life of a neglected, unsocial homeschooler......

  2. It is quite the challenge be so unsocial, isn't it Cate? ;p

  3. Hehehe, love the post and the comments.

    For us, pj day is the norm and we get dressed only when we "have to". Which means when we leave the house or when Granny is coming to visit...she doesn't "get" pj day.

    Oh though we don't do football, we definitely do Hockey...

    GO Ottawa Senators or
    GO Montreal Canadians

    When they play each other, Hubby is torn. :D

  4. I think Princess would like to have pajama days more often than we do. But then, she would be conflicted. I offer her the opportunity to stay home and skip the social outing, but she wants to do the outings, too. It's tough being a social butterfly. ;o

    For LK, Hockey season starts as soon as football season ends. Go Flyers!!!