Thursday, December 2, 2010

The First Night 2010

The Winter tree is decorated...

Who is that?

It is finished!
...and Hanukka is in full swing!

The candles are lit, adding one each night.

Is that not the coolest menorah ever?! Princess made it two years ago at a My Masterpiece Art Studio menorah project workshop. It matches our Winter theme beautifully!!

Princess painted her gifts for the Duchess and the Lizard King. She has her own unique style and I really love it. LK is quite the artist. I am so not. She must get her talent from him.

She received a gift from LK and me.

Another from her Aunt, the Duchess. This was a much desired Barbie Fashion Projector.

And one more from her grandparents. This Math Mat is something she has had on her wish list for quite some time. Thank you Mom-mom and Poppo!

We had a fun night of play! 


  1. Those gifts from Princess will certainly be the ones you treasure for years to come!

    Oh - and I have to laugh - your word verification today is "expat" - story of my life!

  2. Cate, we have a stack of art work by Princess that we want to frame and hang. She really does beautiful work. I can't wait to see how her technique matures over the years.


  3. beautiful tree, and menorah! Last year we put out a makeshift menorah and I promised we'd buy a real one. Never did. Being that I'm not Jewish, I wouldn't know where to get a nice one. But the tree's up!

  4. Thanks, Sheila! :) Unless you are in a very Jewish area (south Florida, New York, etc.) they are hard to find. Some synagogues have gift shops. We have a local Jewish store. But the best place I can suggest in online. That's where we have gotten a few over the years. Just Google menorah and see what you find. There are tons out there from very traditional to very contemporary or even geared towards kids. You could start a collection! ;p

  5. Just lovely. I really love your blue colour scheme...very wintry. :D

    Princess' artwork is beautiful, I agree she's a talented girl.


  6. Yup, Sheri! Kind of a dual purpose color scheme...wintry, hanukka-y. ;)