Saturday, November 13, 2010

What we've been up pictures!

I've missed blogging. Everyday I open my browser and it goes to my home page. My home page is this blog. Maybe it's time that I start easing my way back in...maybe? I think of things almost everyday that I want to say or share. Let's see how it goes. Perhaps some photos would be a good place to start.

Playing dress up

Dressed as TinkerBell, holding a TinkerBell doll

Making stuffed cabbage

Making a fairy house

Riding the train out to the pumpkin patch

The Centipede (at the pumpkin patch)

Riding ponies (at the pumpkin patch. Yes, the pumpkin patch is a super fun place!)

Learning to ride a two-wheeler

Learning about electrical currents... Princess drew this and started asking electrical questions.
Luckily, LK can answer her questions.


  1. WB, looks like you guys are having loads of fun:)

  2. Thanks, WCL!! :) We do love our life!

  3. Hiya! So happy to see you back. Looks like you guys have been busy.

    Mmmmm, stuffed cabbage. One of my all time favs. :D

  4. Hi Sheri! It's good to be back. :) We are definitely keeping busy.

    I think Princess makes the best stuffed cabbage EVER!!