Monday, October 4, 2010

A Necessary Change's an old photo, but one I really like. :)
I have been debating for months, and even more so in recent weeks, about quitting my blog...and quitting reading blogs. There. I said it. It has been a really difficult decision and I don't know that I will stick with it or how long I will stick with it, but I am at a point in my life that I just don't have the bandwidth to juggle everything.

Princess has a very full schedule. We are at Village Home then drum lessons on Tuesdays, Village Home again Wednesday and back to Village Home all day Thursday. We have playdates and activities we want to do. I have a house to maintain and meals to cook. I know that many of you have busy lives as well, but I have found that I am not very good at the balancing act. I can't give my all to my blog and reading other blogs and then to Princess and the Lizard King and our home.

I had hoped to be an inspiration to others who want to unschool, but I think my hopes were a little lofty. I'm just an unschooling mom trying to figure it all out one day at a time and I have finally figured out that it just isn't working. I have met some amazing people through my blogs, most of whom I am friends with on Facebook now. I find it so much easier to throw a photo or comment out on Facebook, so for now can be found there. If you would like to "friend" me, please send me an email at shadylady @ maintcc . com with your Facebook information.

I wish you all the best of everything!!!


  1. Well said. You caught a few things I left out in my post ;)

  2. Life is so hectic and busy at times!You have inspired others no matter how long you ahve been on here blogging.HUGS:)

  3. It's sad to see another blogger leave but I totally get why you're doing it. See you on FB, Shady Lady!

  4. You know it's funny, it must be going around because lately I've been feeling very much the same.

    I'll miss you for sure and unfortunately, I don't do Facebook.

    But I will keep your e-mail addy close and pop you a note every so often.

    Hugs and all the best to all of you!


  5. windingcircle,
    Wow! I am truly excited that I have inspired you! See...that is what makes giving this up so hard. :(

    Aliceson, who knows...maybe I'll be back one day. See you on FB!

    Sheri, my sweet bloggy friend. No way I can convince you to create a secret FB account? ;p You're my scarecrow. (I'm secretly a huge Wizard of Oz fan.) xoxo

  6. Oh man - I for one will really miss you, and am not ashamed to say it! I do have FB and understand how when life is busy, it is easier to throw out a line and get on with things..BUT...I love the little view into someone's thoughts and world that you get through blogging. And as a newer blogging friend, I was really enjoying getting to know you.

    Either way - all the very best, and your family pic is just gorgeous! :-)

  7. See Cate! Now this is what makes it so hard to leave. I thought about still blogging, but not reading other blogs...but that seemed selfish for me to expect (or hope) that people would read my blog if I was not returning the favor. I don't know...maybe I need to rethink things? Perhaps a break...???

  8. Go for the break (not that I have an agenda or anything....) ;-)

    PS and if you do feel like popping over - my new series starts today!

  9. Love the bandwidth line, lol. Now that is cute!

    I say leave it up and come back when you feel like it. Only one opinion.