Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Floor

We've tried it up and we've tried it down. We definitely prefer down. One of the best decisions we made when buying/building our new house was choosing to put the playroom on the first floor. Princess likes to be near us and this gives her the opportunity to play whenever she wants, without being completely by herself.

This room is just off the great room/living room and was actually meant to be a dining room. We have an eating nook in our kitchen, so a dining room seemed a little redundant. The space makes a perfect playroom for Princess and her adventures. Of course, if she wants some private time, she can always go upstairs and play in the bonus room or her bedroom. It's good to have options!


  1. I agree! It's nice to to be able to hear what's happening, I mean as a mom. lol. Even though we tend to have one ear listening at all times, it still helps having them a little closer.

    NICE hardwood floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have never had any use for a dining room. It would sit empty most of the time, not being being the type of woman who throws dinner parties.

  3. Sheila, we've wanted hardwoods for a long time now. It was one of the priorities when building our house.

    Funny thing, I never thought about needing to have her closer. Although, it does make it easier for her old parents to not have to schlep up and down the stairs when she wants us to join in her play.

    Kelly, when we first got married I had all these grand ideas of a formal dining room. We used it on occasion, but so much of the time it was empty. What a waste! A playroom is the perfect solution for us. :)

  4. We did exactly the same thing when our kids were little. We do have a large dining table, but put in the casual lounge area off the kitchen (which worked so much better anyhow), and set the dining area up as a play area. Worked brilliantly!

  5. Cate, I figured we weren't the only brilliant ones. We really do love our play room!!