Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun For All!

You may know that the Lizard King is in Afghanistan and has been for the last year. Being a 24/7 mama with no breaks started to take its toll on me and on Princess, too. It took me a while, but I realized that we both needed a little bit of a break every so often. Enter the greatest babysitter to ever walk the Earth. Oh, she needs a name...hmmmm.How about Magical Faerie?! Sound good? Okay!

Magical Faerie comes to babysit every other Monday. She spends 4-5 hours with Princess and she plays with her the entire time. She completely immerses herself in the many imaginative games Princess has designed in anticipation of this special play day.

Let's play office! One of the many games Princess set up.

Yesterday, in addition to my monthly massage, I scheduled dinner with a friend. Magical Faerie was more than happy to spend the extra time with Princess. These two young ladies spent NINE HOURS playing! At the end of the nine hours, Princess was still sad that their time was over. I feel very blessed to have found such an amazing girl to spend time with my Princess. I know that Princess feels the same.

Remember mamas, it is so important to take time for yourself. You must fill your cup so that you can be the best mama you can be. Go! Do something for yourself...your cup is looking a little empty.


  1. Our first babysitter was like that. The girls just loved her the entire 5 years she babysat for us. They talk about how much they loved having her as their sitter.

    So glad you found one for your precious daughter.

  2. We are so grateful, GinaG! Princess wishes Magical Faerie could live with us, but I think her family might miss her. ;)

  3. That's so awesome.

    And even though my kids are much older than Princess, I often need such a reminder to get out there and do something just for me.



  4. Even if it's sometimes scary, Sheri? ;)

  5. I hadn't realised that about your husband. That must weigh on you in so many ways - you are both very brave.

    Fantastic about our sitter, and yes, you need that time out. We've had a maths tutor for all of these years. In truth, the kids (now just the girl) take whatever work they want to do, and he's just there in case they need help, but particularly in those early days, those few hours were precious for me to grab a coffee with a friend, have a doc appointment, do some groceries etc.

    Mind you, a massage sounds sooooo much better!

  6. Cate, having LK gone has been quite difficult, much harder than I thought it would be. We have made it through and are very close to the end. He comes home very soon. We can hardly wait!!

    Taking time for myself and doing things like monthly massage has been a relationship saver for Princess and me. I was getting so tightly wound it was horrible. On the non-massage babysitter days I try to get pedicures, but sometimes I end up just running errands. Either way, I try to come back home with a full cup and being a better mama.