Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy in the Kitchen

We always have something going on in our kitchen. On this day, we soaked raw almonds and soaked & sprouted beans. Almonds were then dehydrated  at 105 degree Fahrenheit to maintain the raw"ness" and beans were cooked, jarred and frozen. This makes the almonds and beans more digestible! It also makes them taste so much yummier! And the beans are way healthier than the cans you buy in the store.

I love soaking and sprouting! Princess loves to work in the kitchen, too. Our kitchen is like an ongoing science experiment! And you get to eat the projects!!


  1. You know I've never soaked and cooked my own beans? Nope. How long do they have to soak? That makes them cookable?

    Great pics btw.

  2. Soaking and sprouting is really important for beans (and other things). Soak the beans overnight, adding water as the beans expand. In the morning, pour the beans into a collander and rinse them. A couple times a day rinse the beans. When sprouts start to show, pour the beans into the crockpot and add water. Cook until done. Jar the beans in pint size canning jars that are marked "for freezing" and freeze them. Defrost by placing jar in a pot with water. Beans can be used just like a can of beans!

  3. I don't know anything about soaking bean and nuts...but they sure do look nice.

    I love glass jars as storage, there's something about being able to actually see the food.

    See my latest post about it. ;)

  4. I love glass jars, too, Sheri!! Even the inexpensive canning jars are beautiful.

    I'm behind on reading blogs, but hope to catch up very soon. :)