Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter Projects

Cool weather brings the Lizard King back inside the house. First on his list was to finish painting the common area (stairs, hall, open space upstairs - the downstairs common area is already done). He continued with our chosen main paint color, as well as painting all the ceilings white.

Interesting angle, I know. ;) I'm sure glad he has a variety of sturdy ladders!
Not that every computer will show the color the same or accurately, but here is the finished product. It is a taupe color and we all love it!
This is the site of the next project. LK will build a built-in wall unit for this wall. I think it's going to look amazing! His work always does.
I can't wait to share the finished product. Oh . . . and there will be crown molding downstairs and upstairs. I love having a live-in handyman!


  1. I love the taupe...most of my walls are taupe.

    It's my favourite neutral colour because it goes so well with the dark browns and autumn colours of my furniture.

    Don't tell me that LK is awesome with computers too because then I'd have to be uber jealous.

    My hubby is amazing with the technology, not so much with a hammer and drill. But he does make a mean Mulligatawny soup.


    1. I love taupe because it works well with browns as well as blacks/grays. I have to say that LK is pretty good with computers, way better than I am! I honestly haven't found anything he isn't good at yet. He still amazes me all the time with the things he can do. Most recently I saw his welding skills. He makes a mean pot of chili (Paleo-fied) and he bakes, too! I'm a lucky woman. But from what I've seen of your hubby, you're a lucky woman, too!!!