Monday, December 10, 2012

Letter to Santa's Boss

You may have seen my post about our experience where Santa crossed the line. Well, I decided to write a letter (email) to the mall and received an immediate response.

The response:
First  I want to thank you for bring this matter to my attention. Isincerely appreciate you taking the time to inform me of Santas comments.  Iam extremely sorry your visit did not meet any of our expectation. Santa hasbeen counseled on this matter and has been replaced. If you would like I canarrange a special time for you to visit again.  If you would let me know Iwill make the arrangement so you can go to the front of the line and alsoprovide you with a complimentary 5 x 7 photo of your visit..
Again please accept my apology,
My kindest Regards,
And my response:
Thank you so much for your prompt and kind response. I'm relieved to hear that other children won't be subjected to the same treatment thanks to your quick action. Thank you for the offer to move to the front of the line and the complimentary photo. I spoke with my daughter and she doesn't feel that it is necessary to visit with Santa again. She already received her present from Santa on the first day of Hanukka. ;)
Thank you again for your apology and your quick attention to this matter.
Best wishes,
And finally her response to me (with my name changed for blog purposes):
Thank you Shady Lady, matters like this we don't take lightly.  Its veryimportant to me that every child who visits Santa has a wonderful andmemorable experience. I sincerely wish you and your family a wonderfulholiday season.. Kindest Regards,
I feel bad that they let Santa go, but am glad that no other children, or parents for that matter, will have the same experience we did. We're looking forward to a better experience next year.


  1. That is awesome! There's no telling how many children have been affected positively by your thoughtful action.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Rosalyn . . .

  2. Wow, don't mess with Shady Lady and her Princess. Good on you. I'm sure it was disconcerting to know they let Santa go but I think you did the right thing. No child, or parent, should feel they have to explain themselves to a department store employee who is supposed to be representing the loving, kind and TOLERANT spirit of the season.

    1. I do feel sad for him at being let go, but really, he was so far over the line. I'm glad that other children and parents won't have to deal with him.