Friday, November 9, 2012

Disney World -- Day 10

We spent our last day at Magic Kingdom. Princess and I rode Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time (and second). It became a new favorite.

Every time we go to Disney World we learn more. Ten days is definitely too long for us. We were exhausted, peopled out and in need of some good nutrition (less junk food). Next time we go for 7 days. We think it will be the perfect length. We did learn that September is a great time to go. The crowds were the lowest we've seen and we've been during the other "off" times. We'll also change the way we do the meal plan. We have always gone when Disney offers free dining and have upgraded to the deluxe plan. We ate way too much that way. Next time we'll go with the regular dining and pay for any extra meals we choose to add on. I wonder how the next trip will go and what we will learn in 2013.

. . . to be continued . . . next year!

Have a Disney Day!

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