Thursday, May 17, 2012

Medieval Festival

Princess and I went to our very first medieval festival a couple of weeks ago. There were lots of things to see and do. Next time, we both plan to buy one of the beautiful capes they had for sale. After all, we should look a bit more medieval, don't you think? :)

 Princess spent quite some time climbing over the rocks in the pond.
 Archery has become a new favorite. We want to buy Princess a bow and arrow set. I searched Amazon (gotta love Amazon Prime!) and found a great starter set.

 We bought foam swords for sword fighting. The Lizard King was happy to fight when we got home.
We had such a good time and will definitely go again next year!!


  1. I so wish that we had fun things like this when my kids were younger!

    1. I hear you, Cate. I feel very fortunate that there are so many things like this to choose from, especially when they're free! :)