Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the first night of Hanukka

Princess spent almost every moment of the day talking about and jumping up and down (literally) with excitement about the first night of Hanukka.

More than anything (well, except an iPad) she wants the entire Lite Sprites set. For the first night of Hanukka she got the wand and . . .

. . . a sprite named Prisma.

From her aunt, the Duchess, she got the Lite Sprite pets.

Her grandparents sent a Knot-a-Quilt. She thinks it's really cool!

From her Aunt & Uncle in Pittsburgh, she got some pink bangle bracelets, a pink shirt and pink sweatshirt. Something tells me they know Princess' favorite color. She loves everything, of course!

And each night, Princess gets Hanukka gelt. For the first night she got 1 quarter. Tomorrow she'll get two, then three, all the way up to 8 quarters on the eighth night. Are you sensing the pattern? ; )

The cash will go into Princess' iPad fund. She's been saving like crazy!

What will tomorrow bring?


  1. Well, I know what some of tomorrow will bring. :) Actually, I also know, what tomorrow night will bring. LOL I know everything about you!! I'm... I'm... uhm... divine? ;)

  2. Nice photos. Caitlin wants a light sprite too. I think Santa may bring her one ;)

  3. Awesome!!!!!!! Those little toy things... that must be the latest craze, huh? Can't wait to see what tonight brings for Princess!