Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the first day (and second night) of Hanukka

Santa came and left a Barbie I Can Be Pizza Chef. See! Santa does come on the first day of Hanukka. We figure it makes his job easier, since he can deliver to all the Jewish kids on a different day than everyone else. ; )

And on the second night of Hanukka, we continued with the Lite Sprites theme, welcoming Meadow and Bleak to the fold. Meadow is the green sprite and Bleak is the black one. Bleak is the mischievous one of the group. She's a color stealer!

A friend of the Duchess came over with her almost 4 year old son to light candles with us. They gave this to Princess. Isn't that cool?! We're planning to do our creation this weekend with the Lizard King.

After candles and presents we rushed out to a very festive Solstice party. It was a very fun time!

Can you guess what tonight's gifts might bring? Ooh! And Freckles is coming over with her kids today for a playdate and gift exchange. What a fun time of year this is!! So much celebration!


  1. Cool presents. Looks like Princess is having fun.

  2. Santa coming the first day makes perfect sense to me. :)
    I am so glad that you all are having a wonderful time. I love that planter it looks like a great fun learning tool.

  3. What a wonderful afternoon we had. And thank you for the samples! I can't wait to try them. Very exciting.
    The candles are sitting on the shelf for now. They are soooo pretty!

  4. Awesome. I'd never heard of Lite Sprites so I googled them and went to their website. Neato!