Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Nights of Hanukka

Posting every night was getting overwhelming, especially since each night mostly added to the Lite Sprites set. I'm back with a combined update and a special video, featuring Princess!

Princess received the entire Lite Sprite collection for Hanukka.

From our cousins and aunt in PA, she received a Monster Fashion Sketch Portfolio. We all know how much Princess loves fashion design!

More Lite Sprite Pets...

And every Princess needs a castle!

Along with eight $1 bills, which went directly into the iPad fund. Have I mentioned that Princess is saving to buy herself an iPad? She has been working very hard at earning and saving for a long time.

She got the Tree of Lite

and her daddy. Yes, the Lizard King was home for the weekend. That's about the best present ever!

On the last night of Hanukka, Princess got a special surprise in her Hanukka gelt wall hanging. Her aunt, the Duchess, put $20 in the last pocket. Princess could hardly believe it! She is only $26 away from her iPad and so excited!!

Princess did a lot of research before deciding she wanted the Lite Sprites. She found lots of people doing videos about them and knew that she wanted to make a video of her own. Enjoy!


  1. We watched some of those videos before we used our Lite Sprites. I'll have to show Caitlin yours tomorrow.

  2. Way cool! I didn't know they could do all that. Looks like it's tons of fun. Thanks for making that video for people to see. :D

  3. Those are way cool Sprites:) It was good you had everyone home for those special times too, family time is so important:)